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Through Humane Education, the Society works to ensure that children make kindness and respect for all life part of the way they approach the world. Students are asked to feel for a moment what it would be like to be a dog no one ever pets, to be a tiger confined in a small barren cage or to be a child who is ridiculed by others. Humane Education belongs as part of the everyday classroom curriculum to create a society where people strive to be kind, fair and just in their dealings with each other, animals and the earth itself.

Our School Programs are:

  • Available as a classroom presentation or in conjunction with Shelter tour
  • Designed to include various interactive tools.
  • Enhanced by a Regina Humane Society pet
  • One hour in length (additional time may be required for tours)
  • Easily adapted or modified to suit the needs of your students

Our School Programs Explore:

Kindergarten - Grade 2: Friends for Life

The importance of kindness to animals and the responsibilities of pet owners are the themes developed in "Friends for Life". All facets of pet care are outlined with sample props from our "Pet Suitcase" and the help of a well-socialized animal visitor. This program is a good introduction to a unit on pets.

Grade 3: Understanding Empathy

Focusing on building empathy skills, this presentation imparts a message of care and respect for ourselves, for animals and for the environment. Through context specific stories, students learn to put themselves in the position of others. A well-socialized visitor integrates the animal's care needs with the empathy theme.

Grade 4 - 8: The RHS & Our Community

An interactive PowerPoint presentation examining the work of the Regina Humane Society and the laws surrounding animal care. The presentation illustrates how animals suffer as a result of irresponsibility, ignorance and indifference. Compassion, empathy and respect for all living things are reinforced with special emphasis on personal responsibility to help, by example, create a world that embraces humane values.

"Bite Free" Program

Why do dogs bite?  Children are taught how to react to stray or attacking dogs and how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous confrontations with dogs. Safe behavior around dogs is reinforced using a puppet or well-socialized dog.

Our School Programs Include:


Animal Awareness Projects

Designed for students interested in developing a service project related to animal welfare. Individual/groups choose an animal welfare topic, a presentation style and audience for delivery.

Humane Education Manual

"Kids Who Care", the RHS Division I and II Education Manual, provides practical suggestions to incorporate "humane education" into your classroom. Please contact the Education Coordinator for free copy.

Humane Teacher Newsletter 

Receive new and innovative ideas in the field of Humane Education through our on-line mailer "Humane Teacher". Add your name to our mailing list by contacting our Education Coordinator!

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